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ICEE-Phil 2017:

“Engineering Educators as Prime Movers for Lifelong Learning”

The International Conference on Engineering Education – Philippines (ICEE-Phil) is a gathering of Engineering Educators around the world with the common interest of advancing Engineering Education through innovative approaches to Teaching & Learning.  Among others, it is focused on the use of technology for effective Instruction delivery to the new generation of engineering learners, and on management strategies that allow agility in adopting innovative approaches to Teaching & Learning amid fast-changing changing global education environment driven by digital technologies.  It is organized by the Philippine Association of Engineering Schools (PAES), Inc., which is comprised of 137 (and counting) Higher Education Institutions (HEI) in the Philippines offering Engineering Programs as members.  ICEE-Phil is held in conjunction with the annual General Membership Meeting (GMM) of PAES.  For information on PAES, please click here.

Aside from the Plenary Sessions, there are also Parallel Technical Sessions in ICEE-Phil.  All papers accepted for presentation in the ICEE-Phil 2017 will be published in the Philippine Journal of Engineering Education (PJEE), unless otherwise is desired by the author/s.  For information on PJEE, please click here.

ICEE-Phil also features Industry  Product Exhibit where educational products that can aid Engineering Schools in delivering cutting-edge Instruction and in upgrading and modernizing their research facilities are showcased.  Engineering Schools administrators will have the opportunity to interact with makers and distributors of these products during the Conference.  An evening ‘Fellowship’ is also held for networking opportunities and cultural enrichment among participants.

The first ICEE-Phil was held in October 2015 at the University of Santo Tomas in the City of Manila.  There were more than 200 participants representing more than 30 HEIs and more than 10 companies from six countries in three continents.  Most of the participants are administrators of Engineering Schools of the member Institutions and Institutions from other countries.  The second ICEE-Phil was held at the De La Salle University, Taft Ave., Malate, City of Manila, Philippines  in October 2016.   The theme was “Internationalization and Innovation: Towards World-class Engineering Education”.

This year, on its third installment, ICEE-Phil is going back to the University of Santo Tomas in the City of Manila, Philippines.  It will be held on 26-27 October 2017 with the theme: “Engineering Educators as Prime Movers for Lifelong Learning”.  As in the previous years, more than 200 participants are expected to attend, and more countries are expected to be represented.

The PAES, Inc. Board of Directors invites you to participate in ICEE-Phil 2017!

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